Husky Wear — дизайнерская марка одежды, созданная на базе креативного агентства Husky Promotions. И потому Husky — это творческий, эмоциональный и дружелюбный бренд, с ярким узнаваемым стилем. В основе базовых коллекций лежит телогрейка, переосмысленная и превращенная в актуальный предмет одежды. На ее основе создан абсолютно новый продукт — летняя двусторонняя телогрейка, ставшая весенне-летним бестселлером. Стеганные свитшоты — минималистичные и многофункциональные — еще один бенчмарк Husky.

Основными узнаваемыми идеями, объединяющими все творения Husky Wear, являются стеганый геометрический рисунок, лаконичный крой и харизматичные авторские принты. Различные коллаборации с современными художниками, медийными платформами, кино-релизами дали бренду известность, признание и любовь аудитории.

Husky Wear

Clothing brand created by Moscow creative agency. Husky Promo Director Daria Donskaya invented to give stylised quilted jacket to favourite customers of the company for the New year 2015. After the holidays, there were so much people who wanted to buy a quilted jacket, so the agency seriously decided to start developing a commercial collection.

The name and logo of brand received in honour of husky – a dog, who looks like superhero from comics or cartoon. Instead of a label, ears peek out from the side seam. Husky Wear combines functionality, modern fit and elements of traditional costume, and with each collection improve form and technological advantages of clothing. 

The first model of Husky Wear was quilted padded jacket, which, after design restyling, has became a conceptual and comfortable wear made with natural fabrics, modern heaters, original finishing and technological details. Since then, Husky basic model has appeared in different colours and materials: velvet for summer or Italian wool for winter. Later, minimalist sleeveless jackets, quilted sweatshirts made in different colours, insulated women sleeveless coats with magnet clasps were made.

All Husky clothes can be worn in any season and combine with different styles. Universality is the main trump of Husky progressive clothes. Sometimes brand issues seasonal additions to the main lines - this is how cotton square tops or culottes appeared. Husky models that have already become classic come out in new experimental fabrics and color schemes. All things are made in Moscow in limited editions. Each model has branded quilted elements that refer to the clothes that medieval knights wore under armour, to the national Japanese, Asian and Russian costumes. Due to modern fit, technological materials and original idea, Husky is conceptual and comfortable all-seasons wear for people who live in metropolis and want to look original and stylish and seek to express their own sense of individuality and style.



Телогрейки Husky c принтами московских художников.



Husky Wear выпустили лимитированную рождественскую коллекцию арт-телогреек. 

Зимняя телогрейка Husky Wear


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